Company Settings

Company settings allow you to customize customer facing pages, and give you access to features that help drive traffic to events. Below is an explanation of each company setting.

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How to Access Company Settings

  1. In the left sidebar, navigate to Settings > Company Settings

Company Settings Defined

Company Setting Defined
Company logo Upload a company logo to brand your events. Logos are displayed in the upper left hand corner of each event, and when clicked will direct customers to your home page. 
Company Name Your company name will be used in customer facing features including Event pages, and emails
Domain Name Your domain name will be used to generate your event page which can be found at <domain name>/pages/events.
Terms of Service Link Users who RSVP to your events will be linked to this Terms of Service Page, and must accept to successfully RSVP. 
Enable Pop-Up Onsite pop-ups encourage customers to RSVP to your live event, and can help increase attendance. Pop-up banners will present to customers as the graphic chosen for your next upcoming live event. To learn more read our Pop-up banner article .
Enable Small Banner A small banner refers to a clickable banner with the wording "View Event". The banner appears in the bottom left of the website, and will redirect customers to your next upcoming event. To learn more read our Small banner article.
Theme Color

Theme color is applied to both backend and customer facing features, including buttons and sidebar navigation. 

Custom Font Custom fonts are applied to all customer facing modules including the event page, RSVP page, and featured products.