Metric Definitions

Social Chat provides users with a range of metrics to help you optimize and iterate on your virtual event marketing strategy. Below you'll find definitions of each metric presented in the analytics dashboard.

Note: Revenue attribution occurs for 7 days after an interaction with an event, regardless of whether a customer purchases directly from the video interface. If a customer interacts with more than one event revenue is attributed to both events, but will not be counted twice on the company dashboard. 

Metric Definition

This is the attributable gross revenue (USD) that your store has made through Social Chat

Video Views Number of unique sessions watched across live stream / post-stream videos
Users The number of new users that you’ve acquired through SocialChat streams
Total RSVP Total of RSVP’s counted towards all of your streams
Add-to-Cart Rate Product ATC (add to carts) ⁄ Total Views x 100%
Transaction Rate
Transactions ⁄ Total Views x 100% 
Average Order Value (AOV) The average cost of transactions on your store from Social Chat
Product Likes Number of likes on products from streams. This may occur either during a livestream or during a past video watch.
Product Landing Page The number of times users visit your company's product page from directly interacting with a livestream/past video.
Product Add to Carts Add to carts that we can attribute to Social Chat. These are either add to carts that happen directly on a video page or happen shortly after watching
Product Units Purchased Quantity of items purchased on your store through Social Chat.
Action Type

These are actions performed by users that we attribute back to SocialChat that links the user to a subsequent Add-to-Cart or Transaction

  • Post Live Replay: User watched a recorded video
  • Live Participation: Watched a live event
    Email: Email click to an event-related email sent by Social Chat
  • RSVP: RSVP to an event
    Coupon: User did not partake in any of the actions listed above, but used a coupon associated to a stream in their transaction
RSVP Funnel RSVPs are referred to in multiple places in the dashboards, and the funnel is comprised of 3 actions:
  • Event/Page View: This is an impression of the pre-live event page, which includes an RSVP button
  • RSVP Complete: This occurs when users enter their email to complete their RSVP.
RSVP Channel The source that brought user to RSVP. Common channels may include affiliate links, marketing email campaigns, organic traffic from website, etc.
Email Sent The number of marketing emails that are sent out by SocialChat. The following emails are being sent / counted towards this metric:

  • RSVP Email: This email is an RSVP confirmation that is sent to users following an successful RSVP
  • Stream Reminder: This email is sent out to remind RSVPs about an upcoming stream
  • Post Event Follow Up: Sent out to RSVP and signed-in live stream viewers after the end of a livestream
  • Product Recommendation: Product and event recommendation emails sent by Social Chat to engaged users.
Email Opens (Unique) The number of emails opened on an email level shortly after an email is sent. Calculated on a unique user level
Email Open Rate Unique Email Opens ⁄ Email Sent x 100%
Email Clicks (Unique) The number of email clicks that occur shortly within an email sent. Calculated on a unique user level. A click requires email recipients to click on any links on the email content
Email Click Rate
Unique Email Clicks ⁄ Email Sent x 100%