How to Use Spotlight

What is Spotlight? 

Spotlight gives hosts the ability to stop split screen and focus on one camera view within a co-hosting context. This feature gives hosts the flexibility of toggling between guests and themselves throughout the live event.


Spotlight one presenter

How to Use Spotlight

1.   During a live event, click on the grey telescope icon in the bottom left of the livestream.

2.   Each participant will have their own telescope icon – simply click on telescope associated with the participant you want to focus on. 

3.   Note that the host's screen will continue to show all co-hosts, but to indicate that spotlight is active a border will surround the host that is spotlighted. At this point, viewers will only be able see the spotlighted host.


Host Point of View

Use the icon in the lower left corner of the screen to spotlight


Customer Point of View:

What the customer will see