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How to Feature an Upcoming or Past Event

Pop your featured event (past or upcoming) to the very top of your Events page to capture RSVPs or additional revenue from past events.

If you have ever wanted to feature an event either past or upcoming on your events page, now you can! Featured Events have a different layout that regular upcoming events card and span the top of your Events page: 

Example of a Featured Event

Featured Events can be set on your Customize Events Page under 'Settings': 

Screenshot of Social Chat platform, featuring the Customize Events Page under Settings

Use the Dropdown under 'Featured Event' to select which event (past or upcoming) you would like to feature: 


Click 'Save'. You can use the 'View Events Page' button immediately to the right of the save button to see your updated events page. 

On this Customize Events Page you can also add a Headline and introduction text - including HTML - on the events page. Use the Knowledge Base article with Step by Step instructions to find out how.