How to Create a Custom Page Header on a Video page

A custom header allows you to add whatever headline, intro copy and featured video you would like on your page.

From your video page, you could feature your live events, 1:1 consultative shopping or change your copy to match your current campaign. You can also have the ability to spotlight a 'Featured' video, which gives the video prominence at the top of the page. 

Custom_Video Page

Note: The custom description supports HTML. Buttons and other HTML elements can be be added by adding HTML to the description field when setting up the custom module.

How to Set up a Custom Module

  1. On the left sidebar, navigate to Shoppable Videos > Customize Videos Page
    Custom video page management
  2. Add Title and Description 
    1. Note that the title will be the header and the description will be your subhead or copy text. 
  3. Use the Featured Video dropdown to select which event - upcoming or past - you would like to feature. 
  4. Click Save.