How to Start a Live Event

What is a Live Event?

A live event is a prescheduled interactive livestream that will run at a future date. This article will explain how to start a live event that has already been scheduled. To learn how to schedule a live event please refer to our previous article. 

Note: To upload prerecorded videos to your event page utilize our Shoppable Videos feature.


Going live on Social Chat with the click of a button

How to Start a Live Event 

1.   In the left sidebar navigate to Events > Manage Events


Use the menu to select Manage Events


2.   Select the event of interest from the upcoming events tab.


Go live directly from the Actions icons

3.   Click Go Live in the upper right hand corner of the event summary interface. 


Use the Go Live button to start your stream


4.   Click Go Live to begin the live event. To Learn how to  Go Live on Mobile click here


Use the green go live button when you are ready

5.   Click End Stream to end the live event. You will then be directed to a post-stream analytics dashboard. 

Use the End Streaming button when you are done

6.   Below the livestream, you can screenshare, turn your camera off, and mute yourself. Refer to our articles regarding features to learn more about Social Chat's livestreaming capabilities.