How to Create a Live Event

What is a Live Event?

A live event is a prescheduled interactive livestream that will run at a future date. 

Note: To upload prerecorded videos to your event page utilize our Shoppable Videos feature.

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How to Schedule a Live Event

1.   In the left sidebar, navigate to Events > Create a New Event



2.   Fill out the event General Information. Including title, description, Start time & duration, cover image, Pop-up image, Video layout options and tags. 

Edit Event_general info

Adding tags to events

Add tags to events to be used for categorization and organization.

Note: tags that have 5 or more videos will be shown as a section on the events page (see below)


3.   Click the 'Visibility'. Here is where you can create Public or Private events, set Password for events or even tie a product purchase for a paid event. 

Edit Event_Visibility

Set as a Private Event

Much like the tool tip tells you, a Private event will not appear in your Events page, be promoted as part of the Banner or Pop-Up and is only accessible via the direct link to the event.

Require users to log in 

With the option to require users to log in before they are able to view the stream, a pop up will prompt the user to either log in to an existing account or register a new account on your website. This is a great way to capture information and retarget shoppers at a later time.

Past Events can also be made private which will remove them from the Events page.

Adding a Password to an event

Adding a password, will require the password be given before customers are able to view the event page to RSVP or to watch the event - either live or recorded. Once you have added the password to the event, make sure you share it with the people that need it so they can access your content. 

Customers will see a pop-up that will block access to the event RSVP and content until they add the password: 

password needed splash page

Paid Events

Currently paid events are only available to customers with a Shopify integration. 

You have the option of tying your event to a product or package that must be purchased before the RSVP will be processed.

To set it up: 
Under advanced 'Visibility' tab, select "Paid" from the 'Event Accessibility' box on the right. Then select the product that you would like tied to the event:

Make sure to Publish your changes if it is an existing event. If it is a new event, proceed with your setup. 

What a Website Visitor sees with a Paid Event: 

When a website visitor clicks on the event tile from your Events page, they will see a pop up that says the product must be purchased. If they have previously made the purchase, they only need to login to verify the purchase. If not, they will be taken to the checkout flow. 

Once the purchased has been verified (either by logging in or by purchasing directly from the pop-up), the website visitor will be RSVP'd for the event. 


4.   Click 'Hosts' tabs to select your host and invite a cohost if your event has one:

Edit Event_Hosts

For more information on adding a guest speaker/co-host, please view our article on cohosting.

5.    In the 'Featured Items' tab you can add Shoppable Products and also add a coupon code for your event. Note products will be automatically synced from your Shopify store. 

Edit Event_Featured Items

After all the information is added, click the Publish button. If you are not quite ready to Publish, you can always 'Save as Draft' - just make sure to go back and Publish so people can find your event and RSVP!


To view and manage your upcoming live event, navigate to Events > Manage Events in the left sidebar and then in the upcoming events tab click on the event of interest to access the event summary page. 


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